Friday, October 28, 2011

Test 1 Results

All tests fired to cone 10 with medium reduction at ^012 and a slow cooling. Natural gas downdraft kiln with 20cu ft stacking space. Sprague emerald green is on porcelain and the rest are on stoneware. 

Sprageue Emerald Green
Feldspar            50
EPK                   20
Whiting              30
Copper carb       4

Malcolm Davis Shino
Nepheline Syenite       40.91 %
Soda Ash                    17.27
Soda Spar (kona,f4)     9.82
EPK          18.18
Om Ball Clay      13.82

Iron Saturate
Custer 41
Whiting 21
Silica 30
RIO 15

Black pearl
Whiting - 15.39
custer 32.69
ball clay 19.23
silica 32.69
cobalt 2.8 (original is 4.81)
RIO 9.62

Mottled blue
Feldspar 36.14
Whiting 15
Gerstly 10.55
Silica 19.65
EPK 7.20
Bentonite 3
Cobalt carb 4

Sprague red
EPK 9.75
custer 69.00
Gerstly 24.75
silica 30.00
Whiting 19.50
Tin ox 4.50
iron ox .75
cobalt carb .35

HT 51 Clear
Custer 26.50
EPK 19.50
Whiting 19.50
Silica 34.00

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

7 Glazes to be tested soon!

I have the following glazes to be tested very soon!

Cone 10 heavy reduction in downdraft natural gas MSFT,

Black pearl
Malcom Davis Shino
HT-51 Clear
Sprague Emerald
Iron Saturate
Sprague Red
Mottled Blue

These are amazing glazes and I cant wait to share them!

If you have any glazes you want to share email me a photo and all the info related to firing them!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Glaze Tester

After looking around I cant find any websites that are primarily used for sharing and exploring glaze tests. So with my creative gene running wild I am going to make one....Here it is!

Please use the form to share any recipes you have! I will test them and if they are decent I will post them up here!